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Standard Lilly Pilly

Old Railway sleepers, and clients own wheelbarrow - how good does it look!

We have a full range of fertilisers and Potting mixes.
Natural stone Pavers & Synthetic turf


At Michelle Sadler Landscape Services we offer well thought out gardens. With our expertise we can tailor an outcome which will incorporate your needs and wants with what's going to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and within your budget. We have been building gardens for a long time.  We keep up to date with the latest trends, ensure sourcing is possible for everything we quote, and will construct a garden that will exceed your expectations. 
We also provide a potted plant service for inside or outside your home. If you have a large or small home or garden - your space will benefit from the ambience that potted plants will bring. We will organise the pots, plants, potting mix, and dripline irrigation if the aspect allows or hoses and/or watering cans if it doesn't. We'll come and measure up, help you decide on style, source, deliver, and install. 


One year after planting. Michelia Figo.

Landscaping a farm's garden was a great opportunity for our team
Tidy Nature Strips
Classicstone path with yea pebbles.
Native garden, this one has four bench chairs to sit and enjoy the birds.
Quality plants, established or budget
The Sideway; If you have no idea what's possible for a certain area - say the sideway - than we have loads of suggestions. For Nature Strips toppings laid on a compacted crushed rock base can provide a neat and low maintenance option. Alternatively most councils allow low growing planting. Of course there is always lawn! 
Garden Edging; A simple thing but one which can really define the look of your garden.  Treated pine edging is economical, steel link edging is minimilist, lasts much longer, and is great for curves. Brick or stone edging, is always a great option - loads of products to choose from. A paved edge doesn't have to be old school. Think crazy paving, cobbles, stone, clay, the possibilities are endless. A pine sleeper laid flat can give little ones a fun safe 'balancing beam,' as paving don't have to be boring! We can can help you choose an edging that suits your requirements. Andrew's favorite? The shovel edge but who has time to maintain that?!
Slate Rock Garden

We source quality plants from best practice growers. Here brick edging and Sir Walter Buffalo instant turf is also featured.

Lagerstroemia Natchez or White Crepe Mrytle. Flowers in high summer loves the heat.

Gardens / Seating
Landscaping,maintenance and further installations all part of what we can offer
Sloping gardens; are great as they add character and an extra dimension to any garden.  If your front garden slopes - don't pretend it doesn't and landscape it as if it's flat. It just won't look quite right. Work with the slope - having a rolling lawn or retain it using well placed garden rock or mud stone.  Install steps - dont slope a front path, unless of course chair access is a requirement. Alternatively sleepers or rendered block work looks great too. Consider setting back a retianing wall and having a narrow garden bed in front.  It will soften the whole look especially if you have a footpath in front. 
Synthetic turf has come a long way due to an ever increasing demand.  Due to our ten year drought industry came up with some great product and are continuing to develop realistic looking product.  Even with the skies opening up synthetic turf has some great advantage still - like no mowing!  Beware though weeds will still fly in and lodge occasionally. Michelle Sadler Landscape Designs believe if you're going to do a job do it right and it begins with quality product.  Try to avoid the cheaper ones.  It may cost a little more but you won't be dissapointed. Your friends and family won't believe their eyes or their feet. 
native garden featuring the popular "Silver Princess" trees

Old Railway sleepers, and clients own wheelbarrow - how good does it look!

Rendered letter box custom built

New deck, path, grass and garden renovated (trees kept). Welcome!
750mm x 375mm pavers set in instant turf.
Perfect for play areas.
Water Features
Quality Plants.
Variegated merbou with stainless steel fittings.

A sloping sideway

Rendered block raised beds.

One year after planting. Michelia Figo.